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2023 Best of Earth Awards Celebrating Fulldome Excellence

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

The 2023 Best of Earth Awards will take place on May 2nd via internet Livestream. This event is dedicated to promoting and celebrating excellence in fulldome production. With the advent of new technologies, fulldome productions have the power to enrich lives across various aspects, which is what the "Best Of Earth" awards aim to support.

The awards are committed to investing in fulldome immersive media, empowering fulldome artists, uplifting planetariums, fostering science and art collaboration, and supporting businesses, general interest audiences, and Fulldome Festivals. Together, the awards celebrate the innovation and magnificence that Fulldome provides.

Each year, the "Best Of Earth" awards partner with five renowned festivals - Dome Fest West, Fulldome Festival Jena, FulldomeUK, DomeUnder, & SAT Fest. The partner festivals each nominate ten candidate films for the Best of Earth Award process, with the list reflecting what each festival considers award-worthy candidates. An independent jury of experts evaluates each work with great enthusiasm and dedication, judging entries demonstrating creativity and brilliance. Eligible films must be released after October 2021.

The awards being given out include:

  • Best Fulldome Feature Film

  • Best Fulldome Short Film

  • Best Fulldome Student Film

  • Best Fulldome Art & Experiment Film

  • Best Fulldome Science and Education Film

  • Special Jury Selection

The Best of Earth Awards aim to empower fulldome artists and uplift planetariums by supporting businesses, general interest audiences, and Fulldome Festivals. The awards also foster science and art collaboration, which plays a significant role in advancing the field of fulldome production.

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