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Best of Earth Nominations & Judging Panel Announced for the 2023 Awards

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

Thirty-Six Fulldome Films Nominated for "Best of Earth" Award

A total of 36 immersive fulldome media shows are in contention for six "Best of Earth" awards. The full judging panel for the 2023 ceremony has been announced.

A photo of the 2021 Best of Earth Award Statues that recognize the best fulldome content around the globe.
A photo of the 2021 Best of Earth Award Statues

The nominations list for the 2023 Best of Earth Awards has been unveiled!

This year's awards ceremony will be held on May 2nd via internet Livestream. These awards are dedicated to recognizing and celebrating excellence in fulldome production, with a focus on uplifting planetariums, empowering fulldome artists, and fostering the collaboration of science and art.

The list of official judges for the Best of Earth competition has been revealed. World-renowned fulldome artists Brianna Amore, Matt Wright, and Alicia Sometimes are joined by immersive experts Vincent Brault and Pedro Rodolpho Ramos to round out the five-person jury. Their expertise is appreciated in recognizing the best fulldome content being created today.

The 2023 Best of Earth Awards nominations list features thirty-six highly impressive films that reflect the incredible talent and creativity of the fulldome production industry. The nominated films are as follows:

  • 3-2-1 Liftoff!

  • Bébé Symphonique

  • Biliminal

  • Bill's Attic

  • Biosphere

  • Deconstructural.Shift

  • Diving in the Garden

  • Dream

  • Entangled Structures

  • Etat Six

  • Future Ruhr

  • Ginofitas

  • Grandmas House

  • Hazelnuts - In Search of the Perfect Planet

  • Introduction to Econometrics

  • Ion


  • Lands of the Americas

  • Lockdown Dreamscape 360°

  • Marrga - A Yindjibarndi Story

  • Partita for 8 voices

  • Psychlorama

  • Radical Compromise

  • Schweigespirale

  • Sky Bridge ~ Ponte do Céu ~

  • Star Dreaming

  • Sumerian World

  • Swarm

  • Syntropie

  • The Inner Island

  • The Orchid and the Bee

  • Tokyo Origami - Eyes of an Otaku


  • We Are Guardians

  • Witching Sticks

  • Worlds of Ice

The nominated films exemplify the diverse range of fulldome productions, including those that showcase science and education, art and experimentation, and feature films.

The Best of Earth Awards recognizes excellence in multiple categories, including Best Fulldome Feature Film, Best Fulldome Short Film, Best Fulldome Student Film, Best Fulldome Art & Experiment Film, Best Fulldome Science and Education Film, and Special Jury Selection.

These awards not only promote excellence in fulldome production but also aim to empower artists, support planetariums, and enrich general interest audiences and Fulldome Festivals.

About Best of Earth Jury:

Brianna Amore

Brianna Amore is a 3D designer and animator who has worked with domes for over almost 20 years. Her first experiences came from running chill stages and organizing electronic music festivals in Western Canada where she discovered the power of the circular format in creating meaningful and engaging musical and healing experiences.

From then on she was hooked and in 2013 she moved to Los Angeles to create fulldome content with some of the top names in the entertainment and music industry. After making a name for herself by being one of the animators on Mesmerica, she went on to direct and animate The Journey which won the Audience Choice Award at DomeFestWest 2021.

Matt Wright

Matt Wright fell deeply in love with the creative potential of the 360º medium back in 2002 when studying photographic art At the University of Wales, Newport. Since that time he has been obsessively exploring the possibilities this unique medium presents across a wide range of creative disciplines and sectors .

From Site specific 360º Photographic Sculptural Installations to Live action Fulldome & VR experiences to cross media immersive live performances, Matt and his creative partner in crime Janire Najera have played extensively within the spherical realm, and had a lot of fun doing it. Always keen to push and promote the medium of fulldome (matt is somewhat of a domeaholic) a lot of matts efforts over the last few years have gone into the creation of CULTVR, a not for profit Immersive arts focussed cultural venue and platform designed to help break down the barriers of access and understanding of the fast evolving live immersive space.

Alicia Sometimes

Alicia Sometimes is an Australian poet, multi-media artist and broadcaster. She has performed at many venues, festivals and events around the world.

She is director and co-writer of the science-poetry planetarium shows*, Elemental and Particle/Wave.* She was also one of the judges at Best of Earth and Dome Under Film Festivals.

Vincent Brault

Vincent Brault graduated from the master's degree in Arts, creation and technologies from the University of Montreal and continues to develop his own practice in audiovisual digital art.

As immersive video lead for the Satosphere, the fulldome theatre at the Society for Arts and Technology, he uses his expertise to provide technical support to artists in residence, give workshops and contribute to various immersive, interactive, and innovative experience projects.

Pedro Rodolpho Ramos

Pedro Rodolpho Ramos is a media artist and composer based in Berlin and born in Goiânia, Brazil.

Working across film, music and immersive media, he has directed three FullDome films that screened in various planetariums and new media festivals worldwide and contributed to numerous other immersive productions, including Live A/V performances in collaboration with sound artists Cosmo Sheldrake and Den Sorte Skole. Having recently finished his first movie soundtrack, he is currently working in the editing department of feature films.

About Best of Earth Launched in Fall 2021, Best of Earth is a cooperation of fulldome film festivals that aims to celebrate the innovation and magnificence that fulldome provides.

The cooperation includes some of the most prestigious and respected fulldome film festivals from around the world, including FullDome Festival in Jena, Germany, Dome Fest West in Los Angeles, USA, FulldomeUK Festival in Plymouth, United Kingdon, Dome Under Festival in Melbourne, Australia, SAT Fest in Montréal, Canada, and IMERSA Montreal.

Presenting “The World’s Best Dome Media that Exists Today,” the Best of Earth awards annually recognize the creators of the best fulldome content that can inspire, educate, and entertain audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

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