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The Best of the Best: Winners of the 2023 Fulldome Film Awards Announced

The Best of Earth Awards celebrates excellence and creativity in fulldome film production.

The winners of the 2023 Best of Earth Awards were recently announced, showcasing the talent and innovation of fulldome artists worldwide. The ceremony, held on May 2nd via an internet live stream, recognized the best in fulldome production.

Winners of the 2023 Best of Earth Awards

The following are the winners of the 2023 Best of Earth Awards:

  • Best Fulldome Feature Film: Lands of the Americas by Patrick Bossé and Pascal Pelletier.

  • Best Fulldome Short Film: Grandmas House by David Gardener.

  • Best Fulldome Student Film: Ginófitas by Débora Passos, Anibal Diniz and Victor Valentim.

  • Best Fulldome Art & Experiment Film: Partita for 8 voices by Michel Lam x A roomful of teeth and D.T. Lam Michel, Laterna Films.

  • Best Fulldome Science and Education Film: Worlds of Ice Directed By Philippe Baylaucq, René Chénier, and the National Film Board of Canada (NFB).

  • Special Jury Selection: Bébé Symphonique by Marcella Grimaux, Noisy Head Studio, Nicolas Lemieux, and Isabelle Painchaud.

Each of these films represents the best of fulldome film production, showcasing the latest in technology and creativity. Lands of the Americas, for example, takes viewers on a journey through the landscapes and cultures of North, Central, and South America, using fulldome technology to immerse viewers in the experience. Grandmas House, on the other hand, is a heartwarming short film about the relationship between a grandmother and her grandchild, demonstrating the versatility of the medium.

The fulldome filmmaking community is a vibrant and innovative one, showcasing the latest in technology and creativity. As the community continues to push boundaries and innovate, it is important to recognize and celebrate excellence in fulldome filmmaking.

"The dome filmmaking community is so vibrant, unique, fascinating and never running out of innovative ideas. There were so many genuinely brilliant films to choose from. It is always a difficult decision,” said Alicia Sometimes, Best of Earth 2023 jury member. By recognizing the best and most creative fulldome artists worldwide, the Best of Earth Awards shines a light on the importance of this unique and exciting medium.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the 2023 Best of Earth Awards! We look forward to seeing what the fulldome filmmaking community will create next.

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